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Project Description

‘Here nature destines us to throw, Out over Europe a window, To stand steadfast beside the waters; Across the waves unknown to the West, All flags will come, to be our guest – And we shall feast in spacious quarters.’ – Alexander Pushkin

This Chaperone Thing Is All Bull.

Paparazzi Parents.

Oops, Where Did It Go.

The Palace Square.

Across The Neva.

Bird Chaser.

Stairway To Heaven.

Silent Noise.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood.

The Beauty Of Religion.

A Windy Quartet.

An Ode To Sibelius.

To Feel What Happened.

Wall Directory.

Limited Options.

Creating Art.

Ready To Sail.

I’m Bored.

A Picky Line.

Double Propulsion.

Faceting Diamonds.

No Parallel Lines.

The News Today.

A Synagogue Moment.